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At Kreative Dance Academy, we take pride in how we look as we believe this improves our team spirit because everybody is dressed similar and wears the Kreative logo with confidence. 

In addition to our uniform, children must have their hair tied up and out of their face for all classes. This can be either in a pony tail, a bun or plaited. 

No jewellery other than small studs in ears.

During our classes, we mostly go bare feet however, please can Dancers bring a pair of trainers to class. Foot thongs are also allowed. 

If you are attending an acro/stretch class, leotards or fitted clothing is preferred.  

Please bring stretch bands, blocks and a mat (if you have them). 

For competition classes, any practice wear is allowed. As long as it is black and appropriate for a dance class. 


Please order your Kreative uniform through Starr Dancewear.

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